Sunday, February 16, 2014

Local business leaders attend launch of Global Corporate College

Business leaders from nearly a dozen local companies and organizations attended a recent launch of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District’s partnership with Global Corporate College, a higher education network ready to help corporations train their workforce to meet today’s needs.
Among the attendees Tuesday at Cuyamaca College were representatives of companies including Helix Environmental Planning; Gafcon Inc., a construction consulting service; Silvergate Bank; Kaiser Permanente; Ken Blanchard Foundation, and Cummins Pacific, the West Coast distributor for engine maker Cummins, Inc.

GCC founder and president Denise Reading said the customized training offered by the network of community colleges provides the flexibility to quickly and efficiently conform to market demands.
Educational institutions are invited to join Global Corporate College based on their reputation and experience providing employer-sponsored training and education. Ohio-based Global Corporate College then taps the instructional resources and facilities of member colleges, thus providing employers with access to well-qualified instructors, high-tech facilities, and innovative education programs customized to meet market needs.

“In this global economy, corporations and businesses don’t just have local competitors to worry about,” college district Chancellor Cindy L. Miles said. “They must widen their reach across oceans and continents and that means they’re challenged with providing consistent, cost-effective and high-quality training to a diverse workforce. We at Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges have a proven track record of doing just that, and we’re delighted to partner with Global Corporate College to enhance our services.”

Reading said community colleges are the nation’s No. 1 workforce training provider and are the backbone of the GCC network. Nearly 50 college districts in the United States are part of the network, with four in California: Foothill-De Anza, Grossmont-Cuyamaca, Long Beach and San Diego community college districts.

“Global Corporate College is wherever you are,” Reading said. “We strive to have boots on the ground within 30 minutes of your location.”

An ambitious goal, but well within reach, Reading said. In 2007, she put her business acumen as a former sales executive with Proctor & Gamble and academic credentials as past vice president of Baldwin-Wallace College and president of Cuyahoga Community College’s Corporate College in Ohio to use, creating what’s described as the largest delivery network for corporate training in all 50 states and in 25 countries.

These days, Reading is constantly on the road, spreading the gospel according to Global Corporate College.

Her credentials, including a doctorate in education from Kent State University, and the backing of leading institutions like the East County college district has business leaders paying attention. Last week’s mix of local executives liked what they heard.

“I like your promise of a guaranteed return on investment,” said Paul Zimmerman, president of Cynosure New Media, Inc., a communications company in San Diego specializing in digital content production and custom software applications. “It’s refreshing to hear something emphasized in the private sector coming from the public sector side.”

Reading said that in partnering with businesses and firms where profit margins drive every decision, Global Corporate College understands clients are interested in the practical, not the theoretical.

“We have created a culture of learning, but we know it is all about the outcomes,” she said.
The network’s first client, a bank with 950 branches, is consistently ranked at the top for customer service. A food producer reduced its hiring time from 48 to eight days and increased productivity, with one of its plants increasing output by 38 million additional units.

Large corporate clients, including J.W. Marriott, Nissan, and Walgreens, benefit from Global Corporate College’s ability to develop customized programs that, through the network of partner colleges, can be provided seamlessly at multiple sites. And as the single-source provider for employee development, Global Corporate College provides business clients a simple point of contact and high accountability.

“Our mission is to close the talent gap by supporting national and multinational companies wherever their business takes them,” Reading said.

For information about working with Global Corporate College, contact Erin Roberts-Hall with the district’s Continuing Education and Workforce Training program at (619) 660-4385 or