Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Graduation Starts Today" Initiative at Cuyamaca College


     Cuyamaca College has embarked upon an effort to proactively promote college graduation. From the first time students walk on campus, they are greeted by signs that read,"Graduation Starts Today."

     The idea is for new students to "begin with the end in mind," and to approach their first year and beyond with graduation clearly on their minds. Realizing that the graduation process itself could be complicated, Cuyamaca College has taken additional steps to reach out to students to demystify the process.

     This new degree outreach initiative reaches out to students who have accumulated enough or almost enough units to obtain a degree or certificate at the college. In addition to receiving a link to a comprehensive graduation website, the students are invited to conduct a degree audit with a counselor. Those who have met the requirements are guided through the graduation petition process. 

     The efforts are paying off. In fall 2011, the college reported an 18 percent increase in the number of degrees and certificates awarded from the previous year.

      "We are very excited about our 'Graduation Starts Today' effort, and believe that our students are finding our proactive efforts to be helpful in achieving their goals," said Julianna Barnes, Cuyamaca vice president of student services.

     Based on the successful fall effort, the college will embark upon the initiative again this spring. We look forward to seeing the students walk across the stage on Commencement Day.