Wednesday, March 6, 2013

College for Kids offered at spring break

Fencing is one of the classes offered at College for Kids
College for Kids, a summer enrichment program at Cuyamaca College, is now available during spring break, March 25-28, 2013.
Offered through the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District’s Continuing Education program, College for Kids provides the perfect combination of fun and learning, with low-cost classes and activities for youth ages 8-14. The program serves parents and kids alike by providing fun, safe and educational activities with the added benefit of an early introduction to a college environment.
Morning classes are from 9 a.m.-noon and include:

·         CSI: Forensic for Kids: A hands-on class for students to explore the world of forensic science and learn how science helps solve crimes. Processing a crime scene, trace evidence, fingerprinting, blood-spatter and fiber analyses, and DNA are among the topics covered. Open to children 10-14, students will learn autopsy protocols via dissection.

·         En Garde. Ready; Fence is a fencing academy taught by Maestro Stuart Lee, certified by the British Academy of Fencing. Described as chess at 100 mph, fencing is lightning fast and teaches agility, strength, focus and tactical thinking – a sure hit for today’s videogaming generation. Students should wear a T-shirt, long pants and athletic footwear (no black-soled shoes). For ages 8-14.

·         Photoshop Fun: Learn about digital photography and transforming snapshots into digital works of art using Adobe Photoshop. The basics of digital imaging will be covered, from taking better photos to using Photoshop filters and selection tools to manipulate images. For ages 10-14.

·         Stomp: For the kid who drums on everything! Common, everyday items from home – trash cans to bottles – will be explored as drumming instruments. Students will learn to read basic rhythms and notations, but no previous musical experience necessary. Students must purchase a pair of drumsticks (2b preferred), and earplugs are recommended. For ages 8-14.

Afternoon classes are from 1-4 p.m. and include:
·         Get Animated: Flash Animation teaches students how to create animated movies using Adobe Flash software, the preferred design tool of industry pros. Students design and produce their own animated short video while learning the basic techniques of frame animation. No experience or drawing skill required.  For ages 10-14. 
·         Puppeteer Theatre:  Students will learn fundamental skills for hand puppeteering, including lip-sync, basic choreography, and facial expressions, from a veteran puppet master. At the end of class, students will perform a show for friends and family.  For ages 8-14.

·         Glee! Perfect for the youngster with daydreams about singing on American Idol, this class teaches the basic concepts of music therapy, as well as the movement and music that go along with the Glee style. The American Idol game via the Wii will be used in this performance class. For ages 8-14.

·         Inventor’s Workshop: Students will learn to think like an inventor by learning about many of history's great inventions. They will deconstruct appliances, make mechanical craft projects, and generally, learn to look at everyday objects in a new way. For ages 9-14.  
The class fees range from $80-90. Before and after care is not offered, but lunchtime supervision is available at no additional charge for children registered for full-day sessions. A non-perishable sack lunch is recommended.
Courses are taught by experienced instructors who design their curricula with age-appropriate lessons and projects that will keep kids motivated and excited about learning.
 For additional information, including online registration, go to
or call the Continuing Education office at (619) 660-4350.