Thursday, May 23, 2013

Grossmont College instructor and marathon runner seeks donations for Boston bombing victims

She was only 300 feet past the finish line when Laura Sim, an exercise science instructor at Grossmont College, felt the blasts and saw the giant plumes of smoke.  As news reports came in, Sim soon found out the terrible acts of terrorism that took place at the Boston Marathon.

Sim, who has worked at Grossmont College since 1985, has run in the Boston Marathon -- or as runners call it, “Boston” -- 10 times since 2002.

It is pretty much every distance runner's dream to run Boston at some point in their life, and many never qualify,” Sim said.

As well as running Boston, Sim has run in 22 marathons and several other shorter distance races.

Feeling helpless to do anything about what had  happened, Sim has chosen some charities that she is encouraging people to donate to in order to help victims and the city of Boston. 

She felt strongest about the Richard family: 8-year-old Martin was killed in the blast, his sister, Jane, has had multiple surgeries since losing her leg, and his mother lost sight in one eye as a result of the bombs.  Sim is encouraging people to donate to “One Fund Boston,”  which will distribute funds to victims and businesses. Adidas is also selling T-shirts and will donate all proceeds from sales to the “One Fund Boston.”

Sim plans to continue running in the marathon as long as she can qualify and is physically able to do so.

“In light of what happened this year with the terrorist act, it makes most runners want even more to do Boston just to show the world that we are not afraid,” Sim said.

To donate:

-          By Carissa Leigh, Grossmont College intern in the Advancement and Communications office.