Monday, September 23, 2013

GM training program back in gear at Cuyamaca College

Cuyamaca College students with ambitions of well-paying jobs in the automotive service industry have reason to celebrate.
Local General Motors and ACDelco service centers are once again partnering with Cuyamaca College to sponsor a highly-regarded training program that alternates classroom instruction on automotive repair with on-the-job training. The GM Automotive Service Education Program, or GM ASEP, had been offered at Cuyamaca for more than two decades, but it was suspended in 2009 when the recession forced scores of auto dealerships out of business. The economic uptick has allowed resumption of the program -- the only one of its kind offered in San Diego County -- that offers students two-year paid internships at service centers.
An orientation for students accepted into the program is one of the mid-semester short-term classes Cuyamaca College is offering starting Oct. 14. (See list, below for additional classes.) Registration is now open for all eight-week classes offered at both Cuyamaca and Grossmont colleges. Students can sign up online using WebAdvisor at
“The GM training program is an excellent example of Cuyamaca College’s commitment to provide the quality of workforce training that today’s employers are demanding,” college President Mark J. Zacovic said. “For the GM dealerships, hiring our students is an advantage because they know they are developing highly capable automotive technicians with the know-how, talent and professionalism to keep satisfied customers returning for business.”Although more than a dozen GM dealerships have closed in San Diego County since 2008, Chris Branton, head of the college’s automotive technology program, is relying on the program’s history of success and Cuyamaca’s excellent reputation to convince the remaining shops to hire his students as entry-level trainees.
Cuyamaca, whose auto tech program was named a Top 20 finalist for 2011 School of the Year by a national industry magazine, is one of six colleges statewide to offer ASEP, a 52.5-unit program that earns graduates an Associate of Science degree with the completion of 22 additional general education credits. Students undergo an intense six-semester program with no summers off, but with a 99 percent employment rate among graduates, the program can boast one of the highest degree-completion rates at Cuyamaca College. Another payoff is that graduates typically earn $60,000 annually as journeymen certified technicians after less than five years’ experience.
For more information on the GM ASEP program, contact Branton at (619) 660-4213.
Earn credits quickly
If you missed the start of classes in August or just didn’t get the classes you needed, Cuyamaca and Grossmont colleges are offering another opportunity with a second series of eight-week classes from Oct. 14 to Dec. 9, 2013. The credit courses are offered at the same cost as regular semester-length classes -- $46 per unit. Most classes are three units, costing $138, plus books and fees. The short-term courses are a quick, efficient way to satisfy general education course requirements or to get workforce training to advance one’s career.
Cuyamaca’s short-term classes include:
·               A one-unit class on teaching American Sign Language to infants and toddlers (ASL 125-3984)
·               A one-week orientation for GM-ASEP students, followed an ASEP class in GM electrical systems (AUTO 200-1939 and AUTO 201-1942)
·               Business Office Technology online classes in keyboard/document processing and a two-hour lecture class meeting weekly in effective job searching (BOT-101A & B; BOT 106-3166)
·               Three-unit English classes in college composition (ENGL 109-2049, ENGL 120-1278)
·               The Ornamental Horticulture program is offering a combination lecture and lab course in tree surgery and special pruning. (OH 261-4671)
·               The Water/Wastewater Technology program is offering five classes covering a variety of subject areas, including water conservation, treatment and distribution.  (WWTR 105-0187; WWTR 112-9474; WWTR 134-8302; WWTR 265-2624; WWTR 282-4678)
At Grossmont College, the short-term classes include:
·               Business Office Technology:  Keyboard/Document Processing (BOT 101B-8630); Effective Job Search (BOT 106-4837); Comprehensive Word Level I (BOT 120-2430); Comprehensive Excel 1 (BOT 123-0296); Comprehensive Power Point I (BOT 129-0299); and Using Microsoft Outlook (BOT 151-2476).
·               Business: Managerial Accounting (BUS 121-3877).
·               Child Development: Adult Supervision (CD 136-2570)
·               Communications: Advanced Public Speaking (Comm 123-4417)
·               Counseling: Study Skills and Time Management (COUN 130-8603; COUN 130-8606)
·               Computer Science Information Systems:  Introduction to TCP/ IP (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol) (CSIS 145-8487).
·               English as a Second Language: Reading & Vocabulary Dev V (ESL 103R-3220)
·               French: French I (FREN 120-3911)
·               Health Education: Keys/ Successful Weight Control (HED 101-3726); Health Education for Teachers (HED 105-0576)
·               History: Early World History (HIST 100-3902); Modern American History (HIST 109-0334)
·               Library Information Resources: Research Methods Online World (LIR 110-3985)
·               Mathematics: Intermediate Algebra (MATH 103-2402)
·               Psychology: Introductory Psychology (PSY 120-4011)

·               Spanish: Spanish I  (SPAN 120-3931)