Thursday, May 29, 2014

Auto Skills Day at Cuyamaca College May 10

Chris Branton and an Auto Skills Day student

The 35th  “Skills Day” competition held by the Cuyamaca College automotive technology department was held May 10.
 The event was attended by local high schools and industry as well as Cuyamaca College's automotive students. Cuyamaca College President  Mark Zacovic and Kate Alder, CTE dean, were there to show their support.
 Students in the event competed in various tasks related to auto repair. About 20 students participated in the basic competition, and another 12 in the advanced competition, and 18 in the “Pit Crew Challenge”. Prizes were tools, tool carts, and gift cards from Target.
This year’s winners were:

1st- Erick Leyva- Ramona High School

2nd-Austin Hayward- Madison High School

3rd- Jonathan Mayeski- Ramona High School

1st-Bryan Espina, Colton Israels- Ramona High School

2nd- Omar Corona, Aaron Benitez- Ramona High School

3rd- True Southfox, Andre Ruiz- Clairemont High School

Pit Crew Challenge (Timed Rotation of Tires)

1st- Kyle Manning- Ramona High School- $50 Gift card

2nd- Austin Hayward- Madison High School- $30 Gift card

3rd- Hamza Bahramzi- Madison High School- $20 Gift card

 A special thank you to putting together the event goes to:
Patty Branton- facilities
Laci Diaz- facilities

Chris Branton - chair of auto technology
Jim Hannibal- instructor
Rich Gingery- instructor

Jeff Crocker- instructor

Adam Letourneaux- instructor
Brad McCombs- instructor

Justin Pinnell- instructor
Will Lewon- Tool Room Technician

Richard Kruger- TA
Spencer O’Malley- TA

Kris Chopper- Amsoil Products
ASCCA Members- industry partner

Napa Auto Parts- industry partner
George Diaz- Facilities- He was the cook!

WPD- World Parts Depot- industry partner
Stuart Terry- Stuart Terry’s Auto Repair

Cuyamaca College Auto Students!!!!!