Friday, May 23, 2014

Grossmont College's commencement student speaker: Zach Bolz

Zach Bolz
Zechariah "Zach" Bolz is graduating from Grossmont College with an Associate Degree in German, and will be starting in the fall at the University of California, Berkeley, where he plans to major in economics and political science.  With a 3.92 grade point average, he also received acceptance letters from other top universities -- Cornell University, UC San Diego, and UC Irvine.

After spending his junior year in high school as an exchange student in Germany, Bolz returned home to Harbison Canyon and took the SAT college entrance exam, but didn’t score high enough to be accepted straight into the elite universities he had set his sights upon.

Holding firm to his dream of attending a topnotch university, Bolz opted to continue at Grossmont College, where he took his first class in German at age 15 in preparation for studying abroad. He became a full-time student in fall 2012, majoring in Germany, with aspirations of applying his linguistic skills to a diplomatic career. He followed up his stay in Germany with a year studying in China.

Home-schooled from kindergarten to the 10th grade by his parents -- both elementary school teachers – Bolz put his time at Grossmont College to good use. In addition to a leadership role with community colleges’ honor society, Phi Theta Kappa, and being active in Grossmont College’s Chinese Club, he played second violin in the Grossmont Symphony Orchestra for two seasons.

Now 20, Bolz credits Grossmont College for preparing him well for the road ahead.

“I am really confident it has laid a good foundation for going on to Berkeley,” he said. “What I really appreciate is that it was a very interdisciplinary education. Grossmont has a wealth of classes – the opportunity is there for you to acquire a broad education – one that will open up so many avenues.”