Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall concert series set at Cuyamaca College

Music from the Middle East, a classical string quartet, contemporary tunes from Argentina, and a pop, rock, and soul ensemble playing Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon are among the performances set for Cuyamaca College’s fall concert series that begins Sept. 18.

             The fall season gets underway with Kembang Sunda, an Indonesian Gamelan ensemble. Based in San Diego, Kembang Sunda performs traditional Sundanese music from West Java. Gamelan ensembles developed in the ancient courts of Java and Bali, and primarily consist of tuned bronze percussive instruments. Kembang Sunda has been performing throughout Southern California since 2007.

            Other performances include the Danny Green Trio on Oct. 21, guitar virtuoso and Cuyamaca College instructor Jonathan Davis on Nov. 20, and the Cuyamaca College Wind Ensemble and Grossmont College Concert Band on Dec. 3. A full list of performances can be found at

            “It’s important that we provide quality, cultural experiences and opportunities for the community,” said Taylor Smith, chair of the Cuyamaca College Performing Arts Department.

            Cuyamaca College for the first time is inviting public school children from throughout East County to a free concert. Tickets will be sent to participating schools.

            “Research shows the study of music can lead to higher test scores and can play a critical role in language development,” wrote Cuyamaca College President Dr. Mark Zacovic in a letter to 50 public and private school principals. “Music also can facilitate learning other subjects, and it can enhance the skills children inevitably use in other areas. In short, music education is among the best investments we can make.

            “Thinking ahead, I know that the sooner and the more often our young people can experience the college campus, the more likely they will be to attend college in the future,” Zacovic added.

            The Cuyamaca College Performing Arts Department sponsors a series of 12–15 concerts each semester, with musical, dance, and theatrical performances from a wide variety of styles.

            All shows will be held in the Cuyamaca College Performing Arts Theatre, among the most acoustically sound venues in the region. Most performances begin at 7:30 p.m., with ticket prices set at $8 for general admission and $5 for students and seniors. The Oct. 31 performance by Quatuor Mosaiques, a classical string quartet, will cost $10.

Cuyamaca College is located at 900 Rancho San Diego Parkway in Rancho San Diego. Parking for the concerts is free.