Thursday, November 6, 2014

Two Cuyamaca College employees honored for dedication to their duties

            Both came to Cuyamaca College after long careers in other fields. Both have become invaluable, behind-the-scenes employees who are making sure that operations at the 9,000-student East County campus run smoothly.

             And both Michael Erickson and Corina Trevino have been honored with the Cuyamaca Way Award, which honors students, faculty or staff who best exemplifies the values of Cuyamaca College.

            They join an exclusive club. Just two dozen people have been honored with the award.

            “Michael and Corina have each stepped up on multiple occasions to take on additional responsibilities. The can-do attitude they exhibit is the kind of service that students, staff, and the community have come to expect at Cuyamaca College.  They are valued members of our team,” said Cuyamaca College President Mark Zacovic.

Corina Trevino
            Trevino says she wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

            “I know this college well because all my kids came here,” she said. “My daughter and I used to walk and run on the track. It’s such a beautiful campus. It was my dream to work here.”

            A San Diego native who has lived in East County almost all of her life, Trevino worked for Bank of America, General Dynamics and an off-road motorcycle firm before Cuyamaca College hired her in October of 2013 as its Business Services Specialist. In that position, the National University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business administration was responsible for routing all business forms and contracts, along with making sure paperwork was properly completed and signed. The post also includes being the campus switchboard operator.

This past fall, Trevino agreed to fill in as the interim Athletics Operations Specialist, a post that involves making travel arrangements for all 11 Cuyamaca Coyotes sports teams when they play on the road and making sure all the bills in the Athletics Department are paid.

            It’s a job that she loves.

            “The students are awesome,” Trevino said. “I’m getting to know all of the student athletes, and they’re all wonderful.”

            When Trevino left her post as Business Services Specialist, Michael Erickson stepped in to replace her on an interim basis. Now Erickson is the voice on the other end of the line when people call throughout the day, inquiring about everything from what bus lines run to Cuyamaca to report snakes slithering somewhere on the campus.

Michael Erickson
“You’re spending your day helping people, so most of the time they really appreciate it,” Erickson said. “But every once in a while you’ll get someone who is really upset because they’ve tried but can’t get through to a certain department. You just work with them and empathize with their situation and try to help them.”

            Erickson came to Cuyamaca College after a lengthy career in the printing business and working as a linotype operator and a production manager at Harland Check Printing Co., once one of the largest check printing firms in the United States. Automation, though, forced the company to close its doors in 2004, and Erickson later went to work as a production manager at a company responsible for copying legal documents. That background made Erickson a perfect candidate for a job as a printing assistant in the Duplicating Services Department at Cuyamaca College in 2008.

            “Michael is hardworking, dedicated, and he loves his job,” said Judy Shinkan, who worked with Erickson in Duplicating Services before his recent move.

            Said Erickson: “I love working here. I wish I had started working here earlier in my career.”