Friday, February 20, 2015

Grossmont College aces new tennis courts

Members of the Grossmont College women's tennis team
try out the new courts.
New tennis courts are opening at Grossmont College, featuring a design that is expected to prevent cracks, last longer, and have reduced maintenance costs.

            The 10 new tennis courts on the Grossmont College campus replace courts that were installed in 1967. The courts suffered from frequent cracks and drainage issues that limited their usefulness and required repeated repairs.

            The new courts feature a post-tensioned concrete slab reinforced with a grid of high-strength sheathed steel. The compressed concrete reduces the likelihood of shrinkage cracks and is recommended by the American Sports Builders Association to provide the best overall experience on the courts.

  The five-month project, which also includes renovations of nearby bathrooms and additional ADA-accessible parking, is expected to cost less than its $2.7 million projected budget. The work was performed by Court Concepts, Inc., a Santee-based firm.

            Landscaping alongside the courts features a low-maintenance bioswale, which removes pollution from water runoff by filtering it through layers of cobble, sand and rock. The filtered water then flows through a perforated pipe into a campus storm drain. 

            The new tennis courts will be much appreciated by the men’s and women’s tennis teams at Grossmont College, in addition to the students taking tennis classes at the El Cajon college, said Jim Spillers, associate dean of athletics. With the improved drainage, the courts should be ready for play soon after a rainstorm, he said. Two of the 10 courts are specifically designed for tournament play.

 “Because of our location, Grossmont College has been the first choice to host many conference tennis championships,” Spillers said. “With the new courts and improved aesthetics, we can offer more championships.”

Grossmont College’s women’s tennis team has won state tennis championships 11 times, while the men’s team has produced All-American tennis players.

“Our tennis programs at Grossmont College are highly decorated,” Spillers said. “Having the new courts brings more pride to the program.”