Saturday, March 12, 2016

Jovann Letuli: A Coyote and a Griffin

Jovann Letuli, Grossmont
Jovann Letuli, Cuyamaca
For most Cuyamaca College athletes, the idea of wearing the green-and-gold of the Grossmont Griffins wouldn’t feel quite right.

For Jovann Letuli, it depends on the season.

In the spring, he dons Coyote blue as a member of the Cuyamaca College track and field team. And in the fall, he lines up for the Grossmont College football team.

“It helps me with working out, staying in shape,” Letuli said. “But they are definitely two different sports. I have to change up my footwork for each one.”

His footwork seemed to work just fine at the recent Prairie War, as he bested his own Cuyamaca school record in the disc. His new mark of 52.79m topped the old one by over two meters.

While he’s currently ranked #2 in the state for the disc, he’s planning to spend more time in the next couple years on the football field—more specifically, the University of Akron’s football field, where he recently accepted a scholarship.

“It’s a good environment,” Letuli said. “I’m going to focus on football, at least for the first year. Maybe I can work in the disc in my off time.”