Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cuyamaca College selected for statewide Guided Student Pathways program

Cuyamaca College has been selected to participate in a statewide project aimed at developing structured pathways that lead students to certificates, degrees, transfer to a four-year university, and ultimately their career goals. 

          Cuyamaca is one of 20 California community colleges chosen to take part in the California Guided Pathways Project. Colleges selected for the three-year program will send teams – comprised of the president, a faculty leader, and three other stakeholders – to six institutes designed to help the colleges implement a fully-scaled guided pathway model. Each college taking part in the program has committed to implementing guided pathways for all incoming students by 2019. 

          Cuyamaca College is honored to take part in this effort to further improve student success and ultimately completion,” said Cuyamaca College President Julianna Barnes. “Our goal is in establishing clear, structured, academic and career pathways to create a seamless experience from the time a student enters the college to the time he or she graduates and transfers to a university or establishes a career.”  

          The California Guided Pathways Project will bring together several efforts aimed at boosting student success at Cuyamaca College. Ongoing initiatives include redesigning the developmental sequence and increasing the number of students who gain access to transfer-level courses in English and math. The college also has begun finding new ways to measure how well a student will succeed in college, relying less on assessment tests and increasingly on high school transcripts. Changes in the college’s placement processes have already dramatically increased the percentage of Latino and African-American students placing into and successfully completing transfer-level math courses. 

          California Guided Pathways is funded by the College Futures Foundation, The Teagle Foundation, and college fees.