Friday, May 5, 2017

'Hospital Day' at Grossmont College

Some 100  allied health students took part in the simulation.
For the first time, more than 100 students from four disciplines in Grossmont College’s allied health programs took part Friday in “Hospital Day,” a large-scale simulation exercise in the college’s high-tech Health and Sciences Complex, along with more than 20 instructors, college alumni and community volunteers.

 In an event unique to the college, the students utilized eight stations in simulation labs that closely mimic hospital rooms to care for a student posing as an elderly patient with a variety of health issues. The intent of the exercise was to get the students from the different disciplines -- nursing, cardiovascular technology, occupational therapy assistant, and respiratory therapy – to work together and communicate effectively in preparation for what they will be facing in real life as healthcare professionals.

This event took two years to plan, and involved the largest number of students and faculty to use the simulation labs at one time, organizers said. In addition to the students – all dressed in hospital garb -- more than 20 instructors and college alumni participated in the event as facilitators. The scenarios involved a student taking the role of an elderly person with a tracheostomy who had also developed metastatic cancer. An afternoon simulation involved the patient refusing care, and students facing end-of-life decisions, and discussions on medical ethics.
Nursing and allied health students started the day with a team-building exercise.

 The objective of Hospital Day was to expose students to inter- professional education, or IPE, which refers to students from multiple healthcare disciplines joining to train for collaborative patient care.

 About nursing and allied health at Grossmont College:

About 300 students are enrolled in the allied health programs at Grossmont College and most will have jobs in their fields within six months to a year after completing their training. Grossmont College is the only public institution in the county with programs in cardiovascular technology, occupational therapy assistant, respiratory therapy, and orthopedic technology. Grossmont College is one of five community colleges in the county to offer associate degrees in nursing. Graduates who pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses are licensed as RNs. 

Grossmont College students can continue on to earn their bachelor’s in nursing through a baccalaureate program offered through Point Loma Nazarene University, with classes taught by PLNU faculty at Grossmont College and online.
More information on Grossmont College’s allied health programs is posted online.

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