Friday, May 3, 2019

Art exhibit blossoms at Cuyamaca College

Now in its second year, the "Art Blooms" exhibit features more than 300 pieces of art representing graphic design, two- and three-dimensional design, drawing, watercolor, applied design and crafts, digital drawing and painting. Co-hosted by the Cuyamaca Student Fine Art Club, the May 1 award ceremony drew about 250 attendees who saw 24 awards and scholarships totaling $2,100  presented. Nine honorable mention awards were also given.

The exhibition, which continues through May 17, involved 200 students, 19 faculty members and one staff member from three departments: Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Ornamental Horticulture. 

A portion of art sales proceeds benefit the Cuyamaca College Fine Art Trust Fund. 

2019 Student Fine Art and Graphic Design Exhibition Award Winners:

$75 Dean’s Award
Daniel Adams
Deux รก Paris
Painting II

$100 Vice President of Instruction’s Award
Matt Giezentaner
Bread Basket

$150 President's Award 
 Jacqueline Morgan
Last Seconds
Painting IV

$100 East County Art Association Awards
Casaundra Perez          Kendal Sales
Lady Sitting
Fig. Drawing I

Margaret Calhoun
Labor of Love
Painting IV 

 Painting 1

Melissa Silverthorn
Fruit Bowl
Watercolor III

Michael Hada
Drawing I

Honorable Mention

 Jesun Orozco, Gender Identty; Silva Lopez, Character Design; Tamsen Griffs, Untitled; Jasmine Hosfield, Untitled; Vincent Snell, Friction; Benjamin Gonzalez, Skyline Phone Reflection; German Rojas, Nicole Pepper in Gold; Cindy Rocha, Bruja Things

$100 Graphic Design Awards
Jennelle Parra

Carlos Sanchez
Design Excellence

Teresa Johnston
Rising Star

$100 John Abel Illustration Award
Tanner Pastor
Beauty is the Eye of the Beholder
Illustration I

$100 Viejas Awards        
Charlotte Kmak
Come Along
Painting II;
Joely Brown
Illustration I;
Shayne Baker
Under the Sea
3-D Design
Pan Yi Nuo Zhang
Blood Vessel
Painting I

$100 Bem’s Fine Arts Award (Baltodano Family)
Nic Boukas
Ocean Landscape
Painting III

$25 Fine Arts Award 

Malia Brazil
"Sol" Mates
3-D Design          Marissa Scantlin         Discretion Advised   2-D Design       
Bryan O'Quinn
Three-Book Series
 Applied Design Crafts 

Student Fine Art Club Awards
$50, Joseph Decunzo
Painting II

$25 Brendan Garvin
2-D Design

$25, Laith Palma Reflections  Photoshop

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