Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Grossmont College CalWORKs student workers receive student leadership awards

Sudad Abdulrazak
Uhmbaya Laury
As student workers in Grossmont College’s CalWORKs department and as members of the CalWORKs Club, Sudad Abdulrazak and Uhmbaya Laury help some of the campus’ neediest students.

CalWORKs serves students who qualify for Temporary Aid for Needy Families, a federal assistance program, and often face challenges relating to life’s circumstances: poverty, refugee status, joblessness, domestic violence.

With challenges of their own, Abdulrazak and Laury have helped fellow students and made such an impact  that they received special recognition as recipients of the  President’s Student Leadership Award.
Abdulrazak is credited for helping refugee students make not only a transition to college life, but also life in America. She has been known to assist students after hours and on weekends in an effort to help them succeed in their studies. She has been a translator and facilitator for students seeking to make a life for themselves in a new country.

A refugee from Iraq and mother of four, Abdulrzak aspires to become a physician’s assistant.

Before Grossmont College established a campus pantry, Laury began collecting donations and distributing them to students and their families.

She brought the annual Basket Brigade to campus, encouraging local community members to donate and build Thanksgiving meal baskets for students and their families. With the advent of COVID-19, she stepped up by collecting and distributing diapers and food donations to students in
Uhmbaya Laury distributing food.

“Last year, Uhmbaya received a scholarship and used the money to buy a van so that she could gather donations to help students,” said Gabrielle Gosselin, who supervisors the CalWORKS office.

Born and raised in San Diego, Laury grew up amid family members  struggling with addiction and poverty. A teacher’s assistant in CalWORKS, Laury wants to open her own group home or community support agency. 

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