Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Water Studies student finds reservoir of support at Cuyamaca College

Alana Christman credits her father for her strong work ethic. The Cuyamaca College student is a Water Resources Management major with her eyes set on a career in the environmental field.

Dogged determination is a quality that’s served her well as she juggles her roles as a student and mother of a 6- and 3-year-old with another on the way.

“I started at Cuyamaca in fall 2019 because I had a drive to become more educated on things that I knew little about,” said the San Diego native, who has lived around the United States, but has always returned to her hometown. “I didn’t want to just Google questions about history – I wanted to actually learn and further my education.”

As a recipient of the Otay Water District’s Watton Scholarship, a $500 award for top students in Cuyamaca’s Center for Water Studies program, Christman is well on her way toward a career in the environmental field. She said the scholarship comes at a difficult time with the pandemic costing her financ√© his job. She is depending on financial aid to get by. Money is tight, she said, but she is determined to continue her studies.

 “I am not quite sure about what role I will take in the future, hopefully helping to shape environmental law,” she said. “I love Water Resources Management, but I would like to take it one step further and get into the political aspect. I would like to be responsible for allocating our environmental resources responsibly.”

Neither of her parents went beyond high school and never stressed the value of a college education,  but Christman said she knew inherently that any success in life hinged on higher learning. Cuyamaca College, she said, is key to her getting ahead.

 “I love the overall campus of Cuyamaca College – the professors are amazing,” she said. “I miss driving to the campus every morning, although I am enjoying some aspects of distance learning.”

Christman holds certification as an esthetician, but she said wages are low working in skin and makeup as she did for a while, so she decided to return to school.

“I really love learning about the environment and what we as humans can do to conserve resources and to better protect the environment,” Christman said.


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